Wednesday, May 9, 2012

“You drive like a woman”

“She drinks like a guy” (indicating women can’t handle their alcohol as well as a man)

“His pants are really tight, he must be gay”

“You play like a girl”

“It’s as busy as a Chinese Laundromat here”

“You hunt?” stated incredulously towards a girl”

“You must be good at jumping fences” (directed at someone of Mexican descent)

“All our jobs are getting stolen by all the Indians and Chinese”

“You don’t want to live in that part of town. It’s all a bunch of Somalians”

“She’s just a dumb blond”

“Wonder how many Mexicans you can fit in that car.” (meaning Mexicans have large families)

“Nigger rig it” (meaning fixing something using odds and ends)

“You’re going to Wal-Mart, but it’s the first of the month?” (implying that Wal-Mart will be packed with those on welfare)

White woman said about Asians in class, “I bet they’re the ones that got the A’s on the test.”

White landlord said about who they would rent to, “I will never rent to (places hand over mouth and war whoops).”

White woman said about black woman, “I’m not surprised she’s late.”

White woman said about black child, “You can just tell she’s black by the way she acts.”

Said to woman by male mechanic slowly, while pointing to the headlight, “Now, DO NOT touch this part of the headlight while installing it.”

Said to woman by male co-worker, “You drive that pickup truck?”

Said to woman by male supervisor, “Are you feeling strong today?”

“I can’t do that, they will think I’m gay or something!”

“Are you on your period or something?”

“It’s OK for girls to be lesbians because that is hott but it is just plain wrong for men to be gay.”

“It’s OK that you acted out in class today; I expected it since you have ADHD”

“You’re just a damn Hippie” (talking to a liberal student)